Sunday, 17 March 2013

Preston Threads Exhibiting at the NEC

We are exhibiting again, this time at the NEC from March 21st – 24th, in the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show.


Our work this time was developed from observing and recording something of interest over a period of time. We referred to this as ‘site specific’. It was suggested by our mentor at the time Linda Westerman. 

My area of interest was water. I thought initially that I would make observations of the beach where I live, just 3 minutes walk away.  I took lots of photographs of water in different places and eventually decided on the Fairy Pools, Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye.  These are quite magical. We visited them on a beautiful, warm, sunny day last May. 

I worked on lots of sketching, painting and stitching ideas. I attended a couple of workshops with Shelley Rhodes on Collagraph Printing and decided to base my work on the print plates that I created. When I was at Shelley’s workshop I printed my designs on paper. When I got back home I like the designs so much that I didn’t want to make any changes to them so I decided to work some more on fabric. I had to work out my own way of creating a satisfactory print as I do not have a printing press of my own.

My method worked successfully enough for me and from the fabric prints  I created the following 3 pieces.

                     ‘The Fairy Pools’
            Fairy Pools-med  
                      ‘Watery Cascade’
            Watery Cascade-med
                         ‘Crystal Clear’    

     Crystal Clear-med

These are on show at the above exhibition. Unfortunately I won’t be at the show. I would really like to have been there as it would have been a great opportunity to meet some of you.  Hopefully we will be there again next year.

The first two pieces are not for sale but ‘Crystal Clear’ is.  My husband really likes ‘Fairy Pools’ and I really like ‘Watery Cascade’.

Enjoy the show if you are going and do please come back and let me know your thoughts on the work from our group. There are some really lovely pieces of work.


Heather said...

I have just begun experimenting with collagraph prints myself, using a pasta machine. Mixed success so far but have just bought some acrylic extender so better results soon I hope.
I love your prints, especially Fairy Pools, and am sure your exhibition will be a great success.

Gexton said...

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